Monday, January 6, 2014

Gov't lacks automated system for adding babies and other coverage updates under Obama's law

Reports from several website suggests that US government lacks automated system for adding babies and other coverages.
Article from suggests that The Obama administration confirms there is no quick and easy way for consumers to update their coverage under the new health law for the birth of a baby and other common life changes.

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Involved in riskly games or hobbies or professions? ... Pay more premium.

Are you involved in risky games or hobbies like sky diving or bungee jumping ..?  Life insurance companies consider you a high risk and charges you extra premium than other person who is not involved in such hobbies. Even professions like Firefighting attracts more premiums because their job posses more risk.

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Reinsurance Rates Down by 11% for January Renewals: Guy Carpenter Survey

As renewals approached, Guy Carpenter & Co. has reported that reinsurance rates-on-line fell at the January 1, 2014 renewal in nearly all classes and regions.
This is result of two major factors - Strong balance sheet and of course relatively low loss experiences.

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How Life Insurance can benefit you

While many of us underestimate the power of Life Insurance, it is often necessary to revisit the benefit Life Insurance provides to our stronger personal balance sheet.
Here is an article from Forbes showing 6 ways that Life Insurance can benefit you 

1. Access to Cash: 

    Once it accumulates, your life insurance cash value is accessible through policy loan or withdrawal for family and business opportunities, education funding, retirement income, emergencies, or to pay policy premiums.
2.  Asset Protection
    Life insurance can offer a financial fall-back when needed and offset the impact of estate taxes upon your death. The death benefit also can provide surviving family members with funds they need to live comfortably and achieve their goals.

3. Consistent, Safe Accumulation
    Permanent life insurance cash values are guaranteed, meaning you will always have access to the assets you accumulate. 

4. Flexibility with Less Restriction
    You can access your accumulated cash value without restrictions that exist on other assets. For example, there are no penalties or required minimum distributions, unlike other tax-favored investments such as IRAs and 401k plans.

5. Long-term Financial Security for You and Your Family
    Once you have built cash value over decades, you have multiple options for accessing those funds. You can cash in the policy, convert it to an annuity for guaranteed lifetime income, keep a portion of the death benefit and access some of the cash value, or continue the policy to protect your family and leave a legacy.
6. Protected Insurability
    As long as premiums are paid, permanent life insurance provides coverage throughout your life, even if health or personal situations change. And buying a policy at a young age locks in insurability.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

60+ grandpaas ... pay college tution for your grandkids using Life Insurance

It is common misconception that insurance companies do not provide Life Insurance coverage for senior citizens.
Most of the US Insurance companies provides Life Insurance coverage upto the age 65. This provides an unique opportunities for grandparents who care about their grandchildren to pay off their education loans. Senior citizens can open a trust to ensure that the proceedings from life insurance is used for paying their grandchildren's college expenses. released a blog detailing how this can be done.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year ... new beginning

Started first day of new year by watching following two Tony Robbins videos...Feeling very energetic !!

Here are 5 things that you can add in your new year's resolutions
2014 - Anthony Robbins 5 keys to an Awesome Life!

.. and here is one on massive action.. visualizing results and getting the driving force from there.

2014 -Tony Robbins Learn to take MASSIVE action