Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best-in-class Policy admin and the winner is - Guidewire Policy Administration Solution !!

As per CEB  TowerGroup's Policy Administration Systems Technology Analysis 2014 report, Guidewire Policy Administration Solution is the best Policy Admin System in following four categories - Policy lifecycle, Operational support, User experience, and Enterprise support. 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 things your life insurance agent won't say !!!

Top things that Life Insurance agent will not share with you..
But question is why they wont share these facts.. ? Main reason, they want to sell the policy and if you get to know about the facts, you might want to invest somewhere else rather than life insurance policy!!
Wait.. I am not saying that we should not buy Life Insurance policy rather I am suggesting that assess your requirements, your present assets, liabilities, obligations, number of dependents, income source, long term needs, retirement needs and then go for Life Insurance/Annuities or investments as appropriate.

1. You actually have too much life insurance
2. We’d rather sell you investments than insurance
3. Your child doesn’t really need life insurance
4. This variable annuity is like a really expensive mutual fund
5. This whole-life policy won’t pay for itself ...(decline in interest rates)
6.…and you’ll have to wait years to build cash value
7. Our regulators can be toothless
8. Someone could fake your death and collect on your benefits
9. If you die, we’ll pay your boss
10. Our long-term care coverage isn’t so great (for you or us)

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